Affirmative action is racism.
Diversity is discrimination of whites.
BLM are crimes. Want to know more? wlm.i2p

George Floyd was an addict and died of overdose.

Remember what has happened to Rhodesia? For those, who don't know yet, it's Zimbabwe now. Do you want the same for your country?
Would you like to drink sewage water? You don't need to go to Bulawayo, just support BLM.

Liberian fauna

Future board meeting of a Nasdaq listed company

The BLM's faces. How long have each of them been on drugs?

Animals ruin everything

Just one month in the life of animals. White lives don't matter, do it, Prof. Priyamvada Gopal? Yes, they do, because white lives matter.

"Prince" Archie

Interbreeding in Africa

The jungle book